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viernes, 10 de febrero de 2012

Flesh Torture - The Stench Of Humanity (2011)

Country: Nicaragua
Genre: Brutal Death
Year of creation: 2004
Web Site: http://www.myspace.com/brutalfleshtorture
Lyrical themes: Sexual Torture, Sickness, Death
Label: Brute! Productions

1.Erotic Pleasure Caused to Tear Clitoris 04:14
2.Haunted by Torture 03:29
3.Romantic Sexual Relation with a Dismantled Body 03:00
4.The Stench of Humanity 03:48
5.The Delicious Flavor of the Rotting 03:30
6.Chapter of Sickness 03:53
7.Crucifixion Must Hurt Like a Bitch 03:40
8.Mangled Whore Burial 03:29
9.Fatal Anal Penetration 04:27

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