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domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

Defacing - Homicidal Satisfaction (2010)

Country: Chile
Genre: Brutal Death/Grindcore
Year of creation: 2001
Web Site: http://myspace.com/defacing
Lyrical themes: Gore, Death, Blood
Label:  Charred Remains Records

1.Murder Is My Crime 02:39  
2.Impatience to Kill 02:53  
3.You Know You Want to Kill People 01:26  
4.Homicidal Needs Lead My Way 02:53  
5.Remember the Infanticide 03:33  
6.Reflexions Before Degradation 02:24  
7.B.P.C. 00:23  
8.Don't Become a Murderer 03:08  
9.Animal Satisfucktion 03:34  
10.The Sound of Annihilation 00:58  
11.Deliriums of Moribund Addiction 02:32  
12.Crawling to Salvation 02:06  
13.A.M. 00:06  
14.Atrocities That Testify Dementia 03:16  
15.Sick Obsession (Need to Be Hated) 03:46  


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